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About Us

Invest In Your Mental Health

 Our mission is to provide the ultimate mind, body, and spirit reconnection. 

How do we do this? We offer a full Somatic experience, that includes a number of services and exercises that work together to bring you balance and tranquility. We are able to combine both traditional and holistic services for the ultimate results. 

A mindfulness-somatic intervention based on neuroscience to help the physical body release stored trauma impacting the body's overall health and wellness. Through posture, movement, mindfulness and breath the client will begin to release PTSD, anxiety, connect with mind-body regulation and begin to bring forward and overall sense of wellness and health.

Our team specializes in assisting our clients in overcoming depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviours, by combining clinical and holistic programs and healing modalities, which is not offered by other retreat companies.


We are truly one of a kind, just like you are.

We thoroughly believe that by reconnecting with our mind, body, and spirit we can allow our authentic selves to shine brightly and lead us to our destiny.

We have combined the best of the essential wellness elements to inspire the divine within you! When you attend our retreats you will be treated to tranquil surroundings and a guided Retreat Package that is ready for you.


That offers; spiritual life coaching (taught by our Mastermind Life Coach), traditional spa and holistic services, meditation guidance, yoga classes, and more!


Feel free to add on extra services such as reiki treatments, energy healing, angel card readings, horseback riding, nutrition sessions, biofeedback, sessions with addiction counselors and behavioral therapists, and much more!

We are here to customize your Retreat Package to YOU!


We have taken the traditional wellness approach and added a new, passionate, and spiritual approach to ensure that our clients can lead true, prosperous, joyful, and fulfilling lifestyles, even after they have left our center. 

No matter what your need is, we confidently feel that we can take care of you and provide you with the tools to help you find the right path in life. 

Come join us at our beautiful wellness center and allow yourself to rest, relax, and gain new insight into life.

You can be assured that what you experience at Vita Wellness Retreats will be unique, beautiful, and relaxing, and will leave you with a transformed mindset.

Meet The Team

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