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ARDR Sound Therapy
NEW advanced Therapy

ARDR Sound Therapy:

What is ARDR: Trauma is a deep emotional response to an event or events. ARDR uses the emotive power of audio to unlock distressing memories. Specific frequencies are used as the base to create a core energy throughout the composition. 

Then, proprietary harmonic convergence is added to energize audio perception and emotional attachment. Finally, audio panoramic intensity manipulation is added. To the listener, the orchestral sound travel and placement parallels the concept of hand movement visualization and tapping found in EMDR. 

ARDR initiates a reflex stimulation through the auditory system which is involuntary and is creatively designed as a positive and pleasing musical composition. Panning technology is crucial to the success of ARDR. It consists of moving the composition from the left ear to the right ear, which stimulates the brain’s hemispheres called bilateral stimulation, similar to the traditional EMDR visual focus. 

In doing so, this technology creates cognizance to opposing brain hemispheres. ARDR programming adjusts the speed, placement, and amplitude of the audio image and by prolonging the extreme placement and extending the duration, it creates greater cognizance to opposing brain hemispheres. 

Audio is much more emotionally engaging with fewer distractions than visual techniques. One key to the success of ARDR is listening at the proper decibel level for the composition. To achieve the optimal sound level, each ARDR composition is calibrated to a specific playback device and coupled to a limited number of high-quality headphones. Many higher-end consumer headphones have too much bass and distort the harmonics required for an optimal session. 

ARDR clients receive a highly intensive audio journey yet, the experience is both pleasant and relaxing. They are exposed to important wellness properties from the chosen frequencies and complex harmonic structures through the use of our SOLiCE compositional technology.

What is SOLiCE: It is the underlying compositional technology that underpins ARDR. It uses specific sound frequencies to modulate and affect particular regions of the human body, especially regions that have somehow been altered either physically, chemically, or emotionally. These same, exact tones have been recognized over time to assist healing, wellness, and stress relief for a multitude of human disorders. Most users have reported overall reduced anxiety levels.

Spending 12-30 minutes per day with a SOLiCE composition during ARDR has proven to relieve stress and anxieties, improve or replace traditional meditation, and create a feeling of wellness entirely without the use of harmful chemicals or medicinal therapies. 


More info about ARDR:

1    EEG shows increased cross-hemisphere activity
2    EEG shows increased memory activity - freq. dependent
3    85% of all clinic clients experience improvement
4    45% of all clinic clients experience significant improvement
5    EMDR resistant clients respond to ARDR
6    ARDR administrated up to 36 hours prior to talking appointment increases client engagement
7 Self-discovery of issues are common with ARDR
8    For those who have been through various therapies, the typical comment is ARDR did not fuel the fire like previous therapies
9    Clarity is the most often cited benefit, often expressed as the lifting of brain fog
10    Calmness is the second most cited benefit
11    Tears are common in first sessions for clients with grief or trauma with no talk
12    Built on the fundamental principles of EMDR but using sound
13    ARDR is the only tool that adds an emotional component

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