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Depression and Anxiety Course 

We are now offering an Online Depression & Anxiety course that is based on the same teachings we implement at our retreats. 


This course is all about you! In this online course participants will learn how to improve their mental, and emotional well-being, assisting with:

-Depression and anxiety control
-Self-confidence and goals
-Finding purpose
-Releasing trauma 
-Relationship Coaching
-Help to create a balanced daily lifestyle plan 
-To release pain and blockages for revitalization and whole-body healing.

This course is designed to help people overcome depression and anxiety, and find purpose. You will also release your trauma with the meditations in this course. You will find your newfound inner peace and balance. The result of this course will bring you a higher QUALITY of life and happiness.

It can be done on your own at your own pace or with your private coach's assistance! 

All in the comfort of your home and at your own pace, and all customized to your specific needs! 


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