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Secured Booking Form For Destination Programs/Packages:


Read our non-cancellation/non-refundable policy before booking.




*Please scroll down and read through the waiver form before submitting*
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-A 15% processing, gratuity, and tax fee will be added to the price. *Please be aware that if staying for a week or more a 10% gratuity fee may be added instead of 5% * If you book on a holiday or long weekend a 3% fee will be added. It may already be added if booking from a third-party website. 

-If you have dietary restrictions an additional fee of $35 per day may be added, please choose the option below.

-Fees will be applied for late check-in and check-out 

                                                              DESTINATION CLIENT WAIVER FORM  

All clients are required to agree to the following Release and Liability Waiver which is effective for all Retreats/Programs/Packages and Sessions. 

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree that: 
Please read and acknowledge the following responsibilities and limitations before attending a retreat with Vita Wellness on San Pedro's Island in Belize:

Responsibilities: (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following
1.    Show respect and consideration: Guests are expected to treat fellow guests, retreat staff, and the environment with respect and consideration.
2.    Active participation: Guests should actively engage in retreat activities and follow the provided schedule.
3.    Personal well-being and safety: Guests are responsible for their own physical and emotional well-being and must take necessary precautions to ensure their safety throughout the retreat.
4.    Compliance with rules and regulations: Guests are required to abide by any rules and regulations established by the retreat organizers and staff.

Limitations: (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following
1.    Illegal activities: Guests must not engage in any illegal activities or behaviors that may endanger themselves or others.
2.    Prohibited substances and weapons: Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing any illicit substances or weapons onto the retreat premises.
3.    Maintaining tranquility: Guests should not disrupt the peace and tranquility of the retreat environment, ensuring a serene atmosphere for all participants.

Vita Wellness Retreat’s Policies: (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following
1.    Transportation: Guests are responsible for their flights to and from Belize. Depending on the retreat, guests may also be responsible for arranging their flight from Belize to San Pedro's Island.
2.    Medical expenses: Vita Wellness does not provide medical insurance. Guests must cover any medical expenses incurred during their stay out of pocket.
3.    Weather-related incidents: Vita Wellness is not liable for any injuries or illnesses caused by weather conditions or other uncontrollable circumstances.
4.    Check-in and check-out: Standard check-in time is between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm. 
Early check-in requests will incur a $100 fee, including the boat fee. 
Check-out time is between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. Late checkouts will be charged $100-$150.
5.    Additional services: Any additional services must be paid directly to Vita Wellness Retreats before booking. Payments should not be made to the service provider directly.
6.    Damage responsibility: Guests will be held responsible for any damage caused to their room, the property, or the Retreat Centre. All damages must be paid in full prior to departure.
7.    Vaccinations and entry restrictions: Guests are highly encouraged to receive necessary vaccinations and ensure their shots are up-to-date before traveling. In the event of customs refusal, resulting in denied entry, no refunds can be provided. Rebooking may be attempted with applicable rebooking fees.
8.    Personal belongings and activities: Vita Wellness is not responsible for any injuries sustained during golf cart rides, yoga sessions, oven swings, excursions, any other activities or for lost luggage or valuables.
9.    Retreat venue and amenities: Please note that our retreat venues may vary, and not all retreats are located on the oceanfront.
10.    Additional transportation charges: If there are any changes to the pick-up and drop-off times, additional charges will apply for rebooking flights to the island and boat transportation to the venue.
11.    Food and beverages: Please be aware that our food may not be certified organic.
12.    Boat transportation outside scheduled hours: In the case of using the boat back to the island outside of regular scheduled hours, an extra fee of $40 per person each way will be payable to the boat captain.

13.    Alcohol and drugs policy: (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following

Please note marijuana is not legal in this country. Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at/during the retreat. Possession of alcohol or illegal drugs will result in immediate expulsion from the retreat with no refunds. Only prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist are permitted. Unless you just book a vacation package. 

14.    Early departure policy: (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following.

If a guest chooses to leave early for any reason, no refunds, rescheduling, or banking of unused days will be provided.

Detox and Addiction Policy -  (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following

At Vita Wellness Retreats, we prioritize the health and safety of all our guests. As such, it is important to establish the following policy regarding attendees who may be detoxing or experiencing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs:
1.    Not a detox or addiction center: Vita Wellness Retreats is not equipped to provide specialized care for individuals undergoing detoxification or withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. We are not a detox or addiction center, and our retreats are not designed to address severe addiction issues.
2.    Strict adherence to sobriety: To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of our retreat programs, it is mandatory that all attendees refrain from consuming alcohol or using any illicit substances throughout their retreat experience. 
3.    Pre-retreat sobriety requirement: Individuals struggling with addiction must have a minimum of 7-14 days of continuous sobriety before attending any Vita Wellness Retreat. This prerequisite is in place to create a safe environment for all participants and promote optimal well-being during the retreat.
4.    Zero tolerance for substance use: If it becomes apparent during the retreat that an attendee is detoxing, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, or in violation of our substance-free policy, they will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds, credits, or other forms of compensation will be provided by Vita Wellness Retreats in such circumstances.
5.    Guest responsibility: It is the responsibility of each attendee to disclose any addiction issues or concerns related to substance use during the booking process. Honest and accurate self-reporting is crucial for us to assess the suitability of our retreats for each individual's specific needs.
By signing this waiver, guests confirm that they understand and agree to adhere to this detox and addiction policy. Vita Wellness Retreats reserves the right to deny or terminate participation in any retreat for individuals who are detoxing or struggling with substance abuse, with no liability or responsibility on the part of Vita Wellness Retreats for any consequences arising from such actions.
We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all our retreat participants.

Liability Policy -  (    ) I agree and acknowledge the following
By participating in any retreat organized by Vita Wellness Retreats, clients acknowledge and accept the following policy:
1.    Client Responsibility: Clients understand that engaging in retreat activities involves inherent risks and they voluntarily assume all risks associated with their participation. Clients are responsible for their own health, well-being, and personal safety during the retreat.
2.    Waiver of Liability: Vita Wellness Retreats and its staff shall not be held accountable, liable, or responsible for any illness, injury, or death that may occur during or as a result of the retreat. This includes, but is not limited to, accidents, medical conditions, allergic reactions, or any other incidents.
3.    No Refunds or Compensation: In the event of illness, injury, or death, clients acknowledge and agree that Vita Wellness Retreats will not provide any refunds, reimbursements, or compensations. It is the client's responsibility to have appropriate travel insurance or personal health coverage to address any such situations.
4.    Assumption of Risk: Clients acknowledge that they have carefully considered and assessed the risks involved in participating in a retreat organized by Vita Wellness Retreats. By voluntarily participating, clients accept and assume all risks associated with the retreat, including any potential illness, injury, or death.
By signing this policy, clients confirm that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms outlined above. It is the client's responsibility to carefully review and assess their own personal circumstances and make an informed decision regarding their participation in Vita Wellness Retreats.
We prioritize the well-being of our clients and strive to provide a safe environment throughout the retreat. However, clients are solely responsible for their own health and safety, and they agree to release Vita Wellness Retreats from any liability or responsibility in case of illness, injury, or death during the retreat.

Other Policy’s: 

(    ) Practitioners at Vita wellness do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications or provide medical treatments. 
(    ) I acknowledge that the primary objective of the sessions or Retreats is to facilitate balance, release, and healing. I fully comprehend that the effectiveness of these sessions is contingent upon my personal attitude, mindset, and willingness to be open to the process.
(    ) I assume sole responsibility for my own health and for the results of any sessions or Retreats provided by Vita wellness that may affect my health in any way. 
(    ) Treatments will not replace conventional medical diagnosis or treatment. I will continue taking medication prescribed by a licensed medical physician and will continue to follow his/her instructions. 
(    ) I release Vita wellness, its owners and practitioners from all legal liability during my participation in treatments. All information received by me from Vita wellness practitioners is accepted with full knowledge that any action taken by me as a result of the information received is my complete responsibility. 
(    ) If any disruptive, inappropriate, or mentally unwell behavior is displayed to the staff or other clients, to the point the retreat staff and coach cannot or is not qualified to contain, then you may be asked to leave from the program and referred to another facility or professional. Without repercussions towards Vita wellness or refunds of any kind. 
(    ) I understand that if I bring/consume any alcohol or drugs during my stay, no matter what, I take full responsibility and can be asked to leave early without any refunds. 
(    ) I understand that unless I have pre written consent and approval that I may not have visitors during my stay.I understand and agree that I must be sober of any illegal drugs or excessive/unhealthy amounts of alcohol for at least 14 days before attending or I will be asked to not attend or leave without any refunds and that Vita wellness is not a detox center. 
(    ) Disclaimer: I understand that if I attend (especially the Dependence behaviour reset retreat) that Vita wellness and its clinicians shall not be liable for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or obligations arising from the use or misuse of substances or activities. 

(    ) I agree that Vita wellness is not responsible for any outcomes, relapses, or harm inflicted during or after my attendance of the retreat. 
Vita wellness is committed to ensuring that the health information of our clients are treated with respect and safeguarded to ensure privacy.
(    ) I understand that if I have any concerns about my Retreat I will contact and deal with Vita wellness office directly only, and that if I write any slander/negative comments online Vita wellness will be taking legal action for slander/damages. I understand that this applies to not only me but my family members and friends as well, including using a false name online. 
(   ) All Money/Gratuity received from the client can and will be dispersed by the company in different areas and used as per our discretion. 
(  ) I can confirm I am attending by my own free will. I understand that If all forms are not signed and sent back before my arrival the retreat will not be able to begin. 
(   ) I agree to all the rules stated in the information package and understand the repercussions if rules stated in the information package are broken. I give vita wellness the right to terminate service immediately with no refund or any financial or reputational damages if I the client break any of the rules stated in provided informational packages as well as all terms and conditions, information stated on the website, and policies provided in this waiver, the information package, and any other resources provided to me the client before, during and after my stay.   

(  ) I understand that all services/retreats, deposits, and payments are non-refundable for any reason, but may be postponed if done so with enough notice and permission from Vita Wellness.

(   ) I agree that I am fully aware and agree to the total price of my retreat package and any additional services added on. I agree to let Vita Wellness keep my card on file for any additional services or incidentals.   

(   ) Vita Wellness retains the right to implement any alterations it deems necessary, which may encompass, but is not limited to, modifications in advertised activities, meals, accommodations, rooms, amenities, service providers, or other related components of our offerings. It is understood that such changes are not valid grounds for any form of refund.
(   ) I acknowledge that itemized invoices are not provided as our pricing is structured as comprehensive package rates. I understand that insurance companies generally do not offer complete coverage for our package services. The extent of possible coverage for individual sessions depends on the selected service providers, and I agree that no guarantees are provided regarding this coverage. I further agree that the determination of coverage is solely within the purview of my individual insurance policy and the relevant insurance company. I acknowledge that the organization holds no liability in the event of reimbursement denial by my insurance provider

(   ) I acknowledge that I have voluntarily enrolled to participate in this retreat. In consideration of Vita Wellness allowing me to participate, I agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risks. On behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, successors, administrators and any other person who may have an interest at common law or by operation of statute, I hereby waive any and all claims I or such parties may have now or in the future. I release from liability Vita Wellness and any teachers, employees, guides, agents or representatives (“the releasees”) for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss or any nature suffered by me as a result of participation in any activity on the retreat. I release from liability Vita Wellness for any cause whatsoever including those arising out of, or in any way connected to or occasioned by the negligence of the releases. 

(    ) I hereby acknowledge and accept that, given the nature of the services provided in this industry, individual responses and receptivity to teachings, therapies, and interventions may vary significantly. I understand that no guarantees or assurances have been made regarding the outcomes, results, or success pertaining to my mental health and overall well-being. I further acknowledge that no party, including the service provider and their organization, shall be held liable for any perceived or actual lack of progress, results, or changes in my mental health and well-being.
(     ) I hereby release and discharge the service provider, their organization, its agents, representatives, and all other associated parties from any claims, demands, or liabilities, whether foreseen or unforeseen, directly or indirectly related to my participation in the services provided. I fully understand and agree that the absence of positive results or desired outcomes does not constitute grounds for a refund or any form of compensation. This waiver is in full accordance with my voluntary and informed decision to engage in the services, with a clear understanding of the potential variations in responses, and the absence of guarantees concerning outcomes. 

(    ) Potential Risks and Limits:
I understand that the information disclosed may include sensitive and private details about my mental health, which may be subject to legal or other restrictions regarding its use or re-disclosure. I acknowledge that Vita Wellness’s staff and practitioners will make reasonable efforts to ensure the confidentiality of the released information, but cannot guarantee absolute security. 


By submitting this form, guests acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the responsibilities.
Vita Wellness Retreat’s Policies 

Cancellation Policy and Terms: 
•    Vita wellness Retreats requires payment for the entirety of the Retreat at the time of booking and is non-refundable for any reason. 

  • All payments are final and non-refundable for any reason

•    If there is an appropriate reason for needing to reschedule your retreat you may be rebooked if asked for and approved at least 14-days prior to your Retreat date. 
•    It is up to our discretion if a change of date is allowed to take place and you may be subject to a change of date, administration, accommodation, transportation, and any other associated fees. 
•    Once you cancel there will be NO window to reschedule, rebook, or to transfer. And no refunds will be given for any deposit or payment made for any reason. 
•    All pre-booked services are Non-refundable. 
•    Retreats are only valid to book or rebook for up to one year from the purchase date. 
•    Please be aware that we do not give out itemized invoices, as the price is a package total and insurance companies do not cover our packages so we cannot supply itemized invoices to them. A paid invoice can be requested and can be sent after your retreat.

    1. Gratuity, Credit card, and Tax fee of 15% will be charged on the total retreat amount.
    2. For any date changes made a $250 fee will be applied.
     3. If Retreat is booked on a Holiday or long weekend a 3% fee will be    added. 
4. Please be aware that if staying for a week or more a 10% gratuity fee will be added instead of 5%

Additional Services: 
If you add any additional services to your retreat during your stay, you will be required to pay for them at the end of your retreat along with all taxes, gratuity and CC processing fees. Any services that are not listed on your original Itinerary are considered additional services. 
If you contact your coach for additional coaching sessions outside of the allotted work hours shown on your itinerary, unless for an emergency, additional fees may be added. 

Early Check-out 
If you choose to leave early, (FOR ANY REASON) there will be no credits, no refunds or transferrable days. You cannot transfer any remaining days to somebody else. 

No show or Late Policy:
If you are not there or are late to your scheduled services during your retreat a fee will be added.

Following the pronouncements above I hereby declare the following:

- I am fully and personally responsible for my own safety and actions while and during my participation and I recognize that I may be at risk of contracting COVID-19, any other illness, injury or death.

- With full knowledge of the risks involved, I hereby release, waive, discharge the Organization, its board, officers, independent contractors,
affiliates, employees, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, or death, that may be sustained by me related to COVID-19 or any other illness while participating in any activity while in, on, or around the premises or while using the facilities that may lead to unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19 any other illness, injury or death.

- I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Organization from
and against any and all costs, expenses, damages, lawsuits, and/or liabilities or claims arising whether directly or indirectly from or related to any and all claims made by or against any of the released party due to injury, loss, or death from or related to COVID-19, any other illness, injury or death.

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing Liability Release Waiver and understand its contents; that I am at least eighteen (18) years old and fully competent to give my consent; That I have been sufficiently informed of the risks involved and give my voluntary consent in signing it as my own free act and deed; that I give my voluntary consent in signing this Liability Release Waiver as my own free act and deed with full intention to be bound by the same, and free from any inducement or representation. 



Thank you for choosing us! We will be in contact shortly with a confirmation.

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